Our mission at Bartlett Basketball Academy is to strive for constant and never-ending improvement of our players, teams, programs, and ourselves.  We take very seriously our calling; helping our clients develop as basketball players, athletes, and people who can successfully compete with class on the court as well as off.  We love what we do and look forward to the challenges and lessons that basketball provides every day!



Bartlett Foundation

A brand new foundation started by owner Terry Bartlett along with fellow board members.  The purpose of the Bartlett Foundation is: “To identify and assist youth who may be in a socio-economic situation that inhibits or prevents their access to programming designed to help them strive for improvement of self through athletic competition.  The Bartlett Foundation will use funding raised or donated to sponsor participation for young people and provide activities that may encourage growth through athletic instruction; model behaviors in making positive, healthy choices, and build work-ethic in practice; so program participants may acquire beneficial life skills. Finally, the lessons learned through competitive opportunities provided by the programming will benefit the youth in coping with challenges as well as developing a healthy perspective in possible failures as well as achievement.”