Terry Bartlett

TerryBartlett1Coach Terry Bartlett, aka the Basketball Guy, recognizes potential in everyone he meets. His passion is helping basketball players reach their potential by focusing on fundamentals combined with a fun and creative approach to training. Having coached and trained basketball players for over 20 years, Terry emphasizes a positive attitude, hard work, and dedication. Along with the physical performance of fundamentals, Terry offers students his insights on the mental side of the game and competition. From a paper he wrote in 2005, “The niche that I envision is one where I work with adolescent aged children and young adults in their development of a superior competitive mentality…” Terry believes in giving his best every day, meeting each athlete with enthusiasm and encouragement, always aware that the building of confidence has to begin with someone believing in us.  The drive to compete as a player taught Terry that no matter what your God-given ability, the power of belief, a positive attitude, and dedication to constant and never-ending improvement are key ingredients along the path of success!