A guide to everything you need or want to know about our programs.If there is anything we missed, then you can email us here.



Question: What does it cost to be on a team?

Answer: The cost to be on a team is dependent on a couple of factors: 1) the number tournaments your team is entered in, 2) the number of players on a team. We are usually in the $600-$900 range for our fall/winter season and in the $700-$1000 range for the summer season.


Question: Do you have any scholarship options for players and families?

Answer: Yes, there are many ways in which BBA and The Bartlett Foundation can help to make fees affordable no matter what your current situation may be. Please inquire if you are interested in discussing ways we can help our programming fit your budget!


Question: How many times do your teams practice throughout the season?

Answer: Our teams practice twice/week for an hour and a half each. 

*High school teams practice two hours twice/week.


Question: How do I join a team?

Answer: To join one of our teams, you need to go through a player evaluation with one of our coaches to determine where your son’s/daughter’s skill level is at as well as determining a players strengths and weaknesses. Then we hold a group tryout session and from there we will notify you of making a team. 


Question: Are there special perks to being on a BBA team?

Answer: For our players, there are also scrimmages (free), open gyms (free), and other great training opportunities available! We do as much as we can to provide you with great access to “your” gym. Your coach will likely suggest areas in which you could improve, and we are here to help.

Question: When are tryouts?

Answer: We hold tryouts twice/year, once in August for the fall/winter season and once in February for our spring/summer season. 

*High school students can try out by requesting an evaluation and/or will be invited by our staff to try out and join a team. Evaluation workouts can be done for ANY player at various times throughout the year.

Question: Does it cost anything to tryout/schedule an evaluation?

Answer: Yes, there is a fee associated to tryouts and evaluations. More info on cost can be found here.


Question: Are uniforms included in team costs?

Answer: No, the uniform fees are not included in total team costs. Parents will need to order their uniform through BBA once their kid is on a team.

 -BBA and has recently been sponsored by Under Armour as well as The Bartlett Foundation offering sponsorship and donor opportunities to businesses, individuals, and organizations. Many times we are able to find a sponsor for travel gear, equipment, and/or uniforms which helps tremendously and is much appreciated. If you own a business or know of an employer interested in helping, please reach out to us; ask for our *Marketing Director: Reggie Burkett.



Question: How do I join other workouts that you offer?

Answer: All of our group workouts can be found on our website. For most of our group workouts you are free to just drop in at your convenience with the option to commit to more workouts in the future at a discounted price. If you are looking at setting up an individual or prearranged workout with one of our coaches, you can do that here.