Coach McCarthy

Favorite Pro and College team: Houston Rockets and Notre Dame

Coaching philosophy: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”

Highlight from playing days: Got dunked on by Steve Francis 

Coach McCarthy grew up in Texas playing high school ball for LaPorte high school in Houston. A great memory Coach McCarthy has from playing basketball was in high school.  He got to play a high school game with his favorite rapper Master P in the stands rooting for the other team. Coach McCarthy was guarding Master P’s nephew and got heckled by him the whole game. After high school he played for Arlington Baptist University right outside of Dallas, Texas. 

 Coach McCarthy has been a registered nurse for 16 years mostly in the ER. He currently works for Avera as a flight nurse. He is also a member of the BBA coaching staff helping many of our young athletes in their journey. Coach McCarthy credits basketball  for who he is today. It taught him teamwork, work ethic,  how to remain calm under pressure, conflict resolution and all of the important skills he uses in his daily life. These skills were all taught to him growing up and he sees coaching as a way to repay in helping his athletes. 

A fun fact about Coach McCarthy is that he once played pickup ball with Matt Bullard. (former Houston Rockets Player also one of his favorite players as a kid)