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Mission Statement

The Bartlett Foundation readies youth to win in life through the challenges of competition by affording their access to athletic programming.

Academy directors Terry & Amy Bartlett founded the Bartlett Foundation to provide scholarships to athletes whose families are in a socioeconomic situation that prohibits their access to the academy. The Foundation is helping youth build those life skills that come from sweat, failure, hard work and success by making competitive athletic programming more accessible. Our scholared athletes are held accountable to make winning choices. Their mentors and coaches instill in them personal responsibility, work ethic, mental toughness, a drive for continuous improvement, and the necessity of teamwork.

We believe in the power of competition.

Foundation supporters help the team by donating funds for scholarships, mentoring scholared athletes, and hosting scholared athletes while their team is traveling. If you are interested in learning more about joining the Foundation’s team of supporters or applying to become a scholared athlete, please contact us at or (605) 271-7472.

Our supporters are our teammates. Will you help the team?

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