Coach Wetzel

Favorite pro or college team: Oregon Ducks or North Carolina Tar Heels

Coaching philosophy: Developing athletes into leaders on and off the court while focusing on a competitive atmosphere, fun, and a drive for success now and in the future.

Career Highlight: Holding high school and college shooting percentage records…or maybe it was earning the title of the team’s best bench warmer 5th-7th grades

After playing high school basketball at St. Mary’s in Nebraska, Coach Addie attended the University of Nebraska – Wesleyan to complete her bachelor’s degree while playing basketball.  With this experience, her love and passion for the game became real and coaching other athletes to also love the game became easy. Her love for the game and its competitive nature are the primary reasons she continues to coach and help athletes. When it comes to life outside the gym, she spends the majority of her time with friends and family since she has a very large family of eight.